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Science » 6th Grade » Weather & Atmosphere Unit

Weather & Atmosphere Unit Weather & Atmosphere Unit



  • How does the composition and structure of the Earths atmospheric layers affect life on Earth?
  • How do you think the shape and type of clouds affect weather conditions and weather patterns?
  • Explain how solar energy is important to the water cycle.
  • Why are direct observations and measurements useful in predicting weather?

Ultimate PowerPoint

Student Study Guide







*Thanks to Pam Lesley of F.M.S. for developing the PowerPoints and Study Guides.

* Thanks to Jeanette Johnson of F.M.S. for the vocabulary, some activities and many other materials. 

* P.L.-Items created by Pam Lesley  J.J.-Items created by Jeanette Johnson  M.M.-Mary Massey  

Quarter 3

Lesson Plans

Handouts (weekly vocabulary, worksheets, labs, etc)

Week 1 


Lab handouts


pdf File weather symbols.pdf (J.J.)
doc File Lab Report Blank Template.doc (P.L.)
This is the standard template used for every lab. Each lab will be followed up with a graph to plot and analyze the data.

 Lab handouts

Week 2




pdf File weather symbols.pdf (J.J.)  doc File Vocabulary Weather Tools-6-4.5 and 6-4.6.doc (J.J.)

pdf File Let's Take a Trip.pdf (P.L.)  jpg File Cardboard-Thermometers--.jpg (jpg file)

Lesson 50 50.1 Intra-act Discussion: Weather Effects

50.2 Scientific Careers in Weather

Lesson 51 51.1 Recording Daily Weather  Comparing Temperature Scales

51.2 Recording Monthly Averages

Lesson 52 52.1 Sample Survey    Top United States Weather Events of the 20th Century

Lesson 53 53.1Directed Reading Table: Weather and Climate      Sample Climate Graph

Lesson 54 54.1World Map

Lesson 55 55.1Anticipation Guide: Heating Earth Surfaces

55.2Writing Frame: Investigating Earth Surfaces  Part 1 and Part 2

55.3Sample Procedure

Week 3






doc Vocabulary 6-4.2, 7 and 8 (P.L.)

pdf Hurricane Tracking Chart (pdf file)
Students use this to track all of the hurricanes for the season with a different color for each hurricane. Go to to find the data to plot on your chart.

pdf File Hurricane Guide 2010.pdf (pdf file)

doc File Recording_Daily_Weather_and_Hurricane_Tracking.doc (P.L.)
This is the data that the students need to record hurricane tracking on their hurricane tracking chart.

ppt File 9-15-09 PPT.ppt (P.L.)
PPT for 9-15-09 Warm up on plotting hurricanes with a tracking chart and averaging mean, median and mode with weather data.

Myrtle Beach Tornado 2001 (FLV 27.73 MB)

Week 4





doc Vocabulary about Groundwater and Weather Careers (doc file)

doc Chart to use in calculating Relative Humidity (doc file)

doc File Relative Humidity Chart2.doc (doc file)
doc How to understand a Weather Station Model (P.L.)

Week 5






doc Vocabulary about Clouds (J.J.)

pptx Weather & Atmosphere Animations (M.M.)
This PPT is filled with animations to help you remember a great deal about weather and the earth's atmosphere.
ppt Chapter 7 PPT (ppt file)

pdf File Global Wind Patterns.pdf (pdf file)

pdf File North American Wind Patterns.pdf (pdf file)

pdf File Soil Testing.pdf (pdf file)
pdf File Surface and Groundwater Questions.pdf (pdf file)
pdf File The Nitrogen Cycle.pdf (pdf file)
pdf File Underground Layers Cartoon.pdf (pdf file)
pdf File Wells Springs Auquifers cartoon.pdf (pdf file)

The famed and favorite"Groundwater Cartoon" with lyrics. (M.M.)


Week 6

doc Vocabulary 6-4.1 Layers of the Atmosphere (J.J.)

pptx File Answers to Cut and Paste Layers of the Atmosphere Activity.pptx (pptx file)
This is to use with the sheet that you cut and paste for the Layers of the atmosphere. (Remember the mnemonic device: That Snake Must Think Im Evil!)

ppt Chapter 6 PPT (ppt file)
pdf Gases of the Atmosphere Pie Chart (pdf file)
pdf File AtmosphereFoldable1.pdf (pdf file)
pdf File Percent of Gases Atmosphere.pdf (pdf file)
pdf File Properties of Air Notes.pdf (pdf file)
pdf File The Nitrogen Cycle.pdf (pdf file)

Week 7

pdf File Vocabulary Global Winds-Jet Streams-Weather Patterns 6-4.9.pdf;6-4.7.pdf;6-4.pdf (J.J.)
ppt Weather & Atmosphere Review for big test (ppt file)

Week 8

Weather Flash Cards for cell phones, I-Pods, MP3 players (zip file)

pdf File Weather & Atmosphere Vocabulary Week 7.pdf (PDF)

Week 9

Weather Review

 doc File Lab Report Blank Template.doc (P.L.)

 The famed and favorite"Groundwater Cartoon" with lyrics.


Click here to see how to set up your science journal:
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 Directions for viewing your science book online. 


Create a Graph 

Multilingual Dictionary (Includes Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and much more)

Making Foldables:

Language Arts
Foldables? For Books

File gasses in the atmosphere chant.pdf (PDF 337 KB)

File gasses in the atmosphere by mrs. massey kelsey and rivers.wma (WMA 312 KB)

File layers of the atmosphere chant.pdf (PDF 377 KB)

File layers of the atmosphere chant.wma (WMA 233 KB)

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